As bloggers and writers, we strive to be creative, but also to stay relevant in an industry that is constantly evolving. It could be a daily struggle to figure out what genre of content will attract more readers and maximize your reach. Back in December, we discussed how to build a successful blog, which can be one of the greatest challenges for a new writer who wants to continue developing their portfolio. While there are a number of different strategies for you to flesh out, here are three quick blogging tips that you can use to give you some leverage in a congested arena.

Crafting your post schedule to expand your audience

This is something that has always been extremely important to us. Almost a month ago, we released a data study that consisted of statistics from more than 500 sites and over 15 million visitors in a six-month period. It explored six major areas that are crucial to understanding your audience. As you start developing content, you’re going to receive a variety of readers and data depending on the time and day it’s published. What can really contribute to one’s success is seeing where you gain the most social traction, how much time that reader is spending on your site before going elsewhere. It’s good to note that mirroring your post schedule with the insights you have on hand could make all the difference in progressing to a larger audience.

Creating content that will gain your readers’ trust

It’s not only about staying up to date with what your readers’¬†interests are, but also having the ability to keep them returning to your blog. Audience engagement blogging is one part of the picture. It’s about connecting with your audience and delivering content that they relate to and care about. It’s also worth mentioning that longer posts don’t necessarily lead to more readers. Experimenting with these factors can be an interesting way to gauge reader interest and develop content that keeps your audience engaged and loyal.

Sharing across multiple social channels

Social media is another essential element to utilize when growing your blog as it extends the reaches of your content. Monitoring reader referral data is a great way to know where your audience is coming from across the web. Many of these places are likely to be some form of social media, Facebook and Twitter being the two major contributors to new readership.

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