Well… maybe not as viral as Kendrick Lamar, but everyone seems to dig it. Here at KYA, we believe that audience engagement plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process of a content creator. One of the many decisions or should we say questions that we content creators ask ourselves is when to publish content and how to attract a larger audience to that content and the site as a whole.

Last Tuesday, we released a data study that crunched data from more than 500 sites and over 15 million visitors during the past six months. The analysis was categorized into six major fields: engagement score, page views, click through rate, time on page, page scroll, and engaged readers based on the times of day and days of the week. The study has been featured across multiple sites who all take away something from the data and provide some unique insight into the best times to publish content. Crafting your schedule accordingly to mirror this data could be a beneficial experiment for getting your content maximum exposure with your current audience as well as gaining traction with a new one.

Forbes offered a fun overview of the analysis commenting that it’s extremely useful if you want that “sweet, sweet, engagement” on your site. American Press Institute also mentioned our analysis on its Need to Know list for May 24 as a useful insight that could increase your number of readers. The Next Web shared that knowing the best time to publish your content could be “the difference in gaining a social traction and having an article receive zero interaction.” The Wall Street Journal included our findings and insights in its Daily Shot section (requires WSJ subscription). Finally, MediaShift called our data interesting in that it showcased some of the real differences in how consumers read and engage with content. If you want to see more from our analysis, you can view all the data and break down those numbers even further.

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