In late July I wrote about some major updates to KYA and I’m really excited to be able to announce several more major updates today. Over the course of the past three months we have continued to make significant improvements to KYA with the addition of features such as our new engaged readers metric, an author leaderboard, and daily/weekly insights delivered straight to your inbox.

I’ll outline each of these new features as well as some others below. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with us.

Engaged Readers

First, I need to say we’re extremely excited about this metric. We believe it will provide tremendous value to digital publishers and content creators. The engaged readers metric tells you how many people actually read/viewed the piece of content in its entirety. Similar to our engagement score given to every piece of content, the engaged readers metric is calculated using a combination of three other metrics we track for you: time spent on the page, the page scroll depth, and whether or not the reader clicked through to another page on your site from that piece of content. We use those three specific metrics because we believe they are the best indicators of a reader’s actual engagement on your site when combined.

If you are looking for a way to utilize this new metric, check out this resource we put together for you.

Author Leaderboard

The Author Leaderboard (found on the Overview page in the dashboard) is a place where your team can see whose content is getting the most engagement on your site. It’s also a great place for some good ol’ fashioned friendly competition! Be sure to check out this resource we put together to learn how to best utilize the author leaderboard for your site.

Daily/Weekly Insights

We now will send you daily and/or weekly insights right to your email inbox. It’s a great way to start your day and/or week, seeing and understanding how your content and team is performing.

The New Snapshot

We have revamped the Snapshot section on the Overview page, you can now select different time ranges to view and the data will be compared to the previous time range. For example, the default view, which is the past 24 hours will be compared to the 24 hours prior to it. Here’s how it looks:


KYA’s new Snapshot section.

Additionally, changing the time range in the Snapshot section will also update the “Most Engaging Content,” “Author Leaderboard,” and “Top Referral Domains,” sections accordingly.

Historical Data Everywhere!

Historical data is important, we recognize that, so we have implemented date selectors on the Content Insights page. By default, when you go to view the insights of a piece of content, you will see a past 7 day trend graph as well as the all-time stats below the trend graph–this is just like before–the key difference now being that you can adjust the date range you are viewing insights for using the date selector at the top of the page.


Historical data in KYA.

We’ll also be adding the ability to select specific date ranges and view data within that time range to the Compare page in the coming weeks.

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