Why are you the best man for the job?

Jeff Weisbein, Founder & CEO.

I have been in the digital media and content space for more than a decade. I got started at the age of 13 when I convinced my parents to let me use their credit card to buy a domain and web hosting. The rest, as they say, is history. While in school I was able to turn that domain into a media business which covered technology. As I worked to grow my media business even further, I realized that the analytics products available did not provide the insights or clarity that I was looking for to help me understand my audience and how they engaged with my content. Frustrated by the lack of quality solutions, I decided to build my own, to build KYA.

Based on my expertise and knowledge of the digital media and analytics landscape, I set out to build the best analytics product ever. One that focuses on insights and context—not just numbers in a dashboard. I’m proud to report that we’ve done that and continue to make significant strides to improving every day.

My passion for technology, digital media, and analytics is apparent to everyone who meets and/or speaks with me. It’s my passion that’s driven me to build a media company from nothing. It’s that same passion that’s driven me to build an analytics company from nothing. I will not stop until we’re serving the best insights and data to every digital media company in the world.

Why does KYA matter to the world?

At KYA, our mission is to simplify and make analytics more accessible and insightful.

The free flow of information is critical to a free world. That information could come in the form of hard news, opinion pieces, political news, technology news, automative news, science news, agriculture news, thought pieces, etc. Right now, I wouldn’t go as far to say that this free flow of information is in danger, but we need to make sure that we help these organizations and individuals responsible for reporting and distributing the information with the best possible insights and data so they can thrive.

I truly believe KYA can play a vital role in helping media companies and content creators find success and thrive.


An organization or individual using KYA will be able to clearly see what content is having an impact with their audience. As such, they will be able to shape their content strategy to ensure they are best serving their audience(s). And the end result of better serving their audience and learning more about what types of content are most engaging, will be growth and increased revenues.

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