We have been on a roll here at KYA, recently we introduced our incredible new Smart Insights feature that uses plain English to provide valuable insights to you about your site and today, we’re announcing the release of the Realtime page in the dashboard.

The Realtime page offers a realtime view of what’s happening on your site, you can see how many visitors are on your site at that moment, where they came from, how far down the page they’re scrolling, how long they’ve been on the page, and whether they’re using a desktop or mobile device. Additionally, we provide information relating to what operating system, browser, screen resolution, and language each visitor is using. If you look at the Client ID we provide, you can easily match up which visitor is using what device and what page(s) they are on.

We didn’t stop there though, in addition to all of the realtime data coming in, we wanted to make the KYA realtime page even more useful so we keep track of all the visits that occur while you have the Realtime page open. This means, not only can see what’s happening in realtime, you can also use the page to monitor everything that’s happened since you opened the Realtime page. A feature we feel is great for any newsroom.

And there’s more to come. Future plans include building out functionality allowing you to view individual visitors journey’s through your site.

And of course, all other data in the KYA dashboard updates in realtime as well as has been the case forever.

As with most KYA feature releases, we like to release and iterate that way we can provide you with the latest functionality all the time. So stay tuned for updates to the Realtime page as well as more improvements coming to KYA in the near future.

Interested in trying the Realtime page or any other KYA features on your site? Feel free to get in touch with us or signup risk free!

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