What Is The Shout Button?

Publisher Benefits

The main benefit of the Shout Button for publishers is that because the button is built on top of Facebook Connect, when a reader on your site uses it, you get access to that reader’s demographic information from their Facebook Profile as well as access to their email address on file at Facebook (the emails can be exported as well). We’re also able to show you some cool interest type profiles with that demographic data.

Reader Benefits

Think of the Shout Button as a publisher’s very own “Like” button–the major difference is that the Shout Button will improve your personal experience on your favorite websites. Here’s how it works:

The Shout Button lets publishers know what kind of content you like and that you want more! When you use the Shout Button you also help KYA recommend better content to you through the “Recommendations by KYA” widget on sites using the product.

In short, Shouting makes the Internet a better place, one article at a time–so what’s not to love?

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