What Data Is Included In The Engagement Tracking KYA Offers?

As a part of our Engagement Tracking you will have access to the following data via the Insights page in your dashboard. We plan to offer additional engagement tracking metrics in the future.

  • Engagement Score — A score calculated using core engagement metrics (including time spent on article, page scroll, and whether or not the reader clicked through to another page on your site) to help you measure an article’s performance. For more information on KYA’s engagement score you can check out this resource.
  • Page Views
  • Unique Page Views
  • Average Time on Page
  • Average Page Scroll — The average percentage of the page scrolled by visitors.
  • CTR (click through rate) — The percentage of visitors who clicked through from this article to another page on your site.
  • New Visitors
  • Returning Visitors
  • Shouts
  • Facebook Shares — The number of times your article has been shared on Facebook.

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