Matt Ortile.

Matt Ortile.

Welcome to the Know Your Audience Podcast – meaningful conversations about what it takes to create engaging content from the people who are shaping the future of media.

This podcast is powered by KYA. KYA is an audience insights platform built by publishers for publishers. The platform is designed to help you better understand your audience, track and increase engagement, and deliver a more targeted product.


Our next episode features Matt Ortile. Matt is an Editor at Buzzfeed editing Buzzfeed Philippines and working on Global Editorial Operations.

Listen to what Matt had to say about the kinds of content one finds on Buzzfeed Philippines, which stories hit the nail on the head with impressive analytics, and why it’s important to balance hard-hitting journalism with fun, emotional stories. You can follow Matt Ortile on Twitter @ortile

Also, season one of the Know Your Audience podcast is wrapping up! The finale will air next Tuesday. It features Elite Daily Co-founder Gerard Adams. Don’t miss it!

The Know Your Audience podcast is hosted by Jenna Matecki.

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