Here we go! Episode 001 of the Know Your Audience podcast! We will be releasing the podcast weekly, every Tuesday at 12PM Eastern Time.


Melanie Deziel.

Welcome to the Know Your Audience Podcast – meaningful conversations about what it takes to create engaging content from the people who are shaping the future of media.

The digital publishing industry is changing and now more than ever we need to work together to best understand how to create amazing content for our audiences day in and day out. If we can do that, we’ll be able to find success.

This podcast is powered by KYA. KYA is an audience insights platform built by publishers for publishers. The platform is designed to help you better understand your audience, track and increase engagement, and deliver a more targeted product.

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Our first episode features Melanie Deziel. Melanie is a branded content strategy consultant and the founder of the Overlap League, a native ad industry community and newsletter.

Listen to what Melanie had to say about what sponsored content really is, what it means for our industry, and the art of storytelling. You can find Melanie on Twitter @mdeziel.

The Know Your Audience Podcast is hosted by Jenna Matecki.

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