In late April when we released the initial version of our Realtime page, I mentioned how we had plans to continue to iterate and improve on the new realtime audience tracking feature. This is true of every feature and product improvement we deploy–we’re consistently working to further improve on all aspects of KYA. Today, I’m thrilled to announce we’ve rolled out the first update to the Realtime page and you can see it live now in the dashboard.

What we’ve done with this update is make it easier to read and digest what’s going on in realtime. To do that, we made several changes, including now showing page titles instead of URL paths, combining the same content into a single line, showing how many people are actively viewing a piece of content, and much more.

Now you can quickly glance at the Realtime page and see which content is most active, what the top referral source is to that content, as well as who’s the author of the content. You can also easily tell the device and browser breakdown of the people currently on your site. One other nifty thing we added was a realtime author leaderboard that will show you which authors have the most active pieces of content.

Take a look at the new main view below:

KYA Realtime main view.

In addition to being able to see the content with the most traffic, you can also click on any page title and dive into even more cool and useful data. For example, once you click on a page title, you are brought to a new section showing you the individuals who are looking at that specific piece of content. KYA will tell you how far down the page that reader has scrolled, how much time they spent on the content, where they came from referral wise, and how many pages in total that visitor has been to on your site in their current visit.

Here’s how the detailed page/post view looks:

KYA Realtime detailed page/post view.


But wait, there’s more! You can go one step further. Clicking on a specific visitor will provide a very detailed view of that individual visitor. You will see information such as total time spent on the site, the average amount of time spent per page, the average scroll depth, the entry path (what page they first landed on), and much more. If the visitor has been on multiple pages in their visit, you will get the complete list here and see how long they spent on each page as well as how far down the page they scrolled.

Take a look at the detailed individual visitor view:

KYA Realtime detailed individual visitor view.

We’re really excited about this new update to the Realtime page! If you haven’t checked it out already, definitely do so. Of course, feel free to let us know what you think too. If you aren’t currently using KYA and are interested in trying the Realtime page or any other KYA features on your site, feel free to get in touch with us or signup risk free!

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