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Get to know your audience in a whole new way

Seeing is understanding

See the number of engaged readers per article, visualize metrics over time, and understand which referral sources provide the most engaged readers. What’s that? Your advertisers are thrilled because you’ve increased your reach and are driving more engagement? Nicely done!

Turning numbers into faces

Understand your audience as individuals with detailed demographic information. Our Shout Button lets you gather reader demographics and email addresses so you can see which demographics are engaging with what types of content and build your newsletter mailing list in one fell swoop. Now who’s multitasking?

Get actionable insights

Compare the performance of multiple articles at once with ease using our Insights tool. See all the stats you care most about on one page so you can make informed content decisions. You’ll feel like you can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Trending topic analysis

See what your audience is engaging and interested in with the KYA Score’s trending topic analysis. Who’s creating even more super amazing content now? You, of course.

Increase audience engagement

Through our data, we’re able to make super personalized content recommendations to your audience. Our Recommended Articles widget helps your readers discover content they may have missed on your site but would definitely be interested in reading. Who said analytics is only about numbers? Not us.

Spend more time creating content

With KYA you can finally truly understand your audience and what types of content they are most engaged with. Now you can spend less time staring at numbers and more time creating great content.

See how KYA works

Watch our virtual demo and see how our powerful audience insights platform can help you get to know your audience in a whole new way.



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